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About Game Global

Founded by the organizers of LocWorld Conferences, Game Global is an event dedicated to individuals and companies working and interested in the video game globalization industry. After several years of successful LocWorld Conferences, it was made clear to our founders that there was an industry demand for events specializing in video game localization, quality assurance, and testing.

As an extension of the LocWorld Conferences, Game Global initially began as a roundtable series where gaming industry stakeholders could connect in an open and non-competitive environment. After numerous successful events, the first stand-alone Game Global Conference was launched in Warsaw in 2018. 

Since then, the gaming localization industry has only continued to grow. Companies, departments, and professionals have had to continue to adapt and keep up with an ever-changing localization and globalization marketplace. Our team included. 

Game Global responds to market developments, covering quality assurance, translation, and localization quality assurance to invested industry stakeholders. Our team is dedicated to sharing topics pertinent to companies and individuals invested in the future of the gaming localization industry. As our team continues to track the challenges and innovations within the industry, we have discovered that topics such as localization and functional testing (or LQA and FQA) are seldomly discussed at industry events. Game Global is dedicated to changing this.

Our events cater to the niche topics that can be difficult to find covered at other events dedicated to the gaming industry. Not only this but our events are designed as shared spaces where everyone invested in the future of the gaming industry can have a seat at the table. Attendees and speakers are encouraged to meet and share their endeavors, successes, best practices, and research in a collaborative and transparent manner.

In 2020, we switched to a digital format to better cater to the needs of our changing world. The Game Global Digital Summit was met with great success and we’re excited to continue in this new format. 

The objective of Game Global, as always, is to offer well-rounded, high-quality events where attendees can talk with fellow video game globalizers, learn about the latest game development, localization, and translation trends, and learn from game industry experts. 

The founders of the LocWorld Conference, Donna Parrish, and Ulrich Henes, along with the Game Global Advisory Board, remain excited to share the latest games industry highlights with attendees at conferences to come.

Why Game Global is different

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It’s all about video games! We focus on the most relevant challenges and best practices stakeholders from the video game localization and QA industry face every day.

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Sales pitches are not allowed in our presentations and talks! Sponsors collaborate with Game Global as partners and their content is also pre-approved.

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Consistent High Quality

Our event content is vetted, prepared and rehearsed with the help of an Advisory Board of experts from all sides of the video game globalization industry.

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Networking and Open Discussion

More than just presentations – when you attend the Game Global events, you are given the opportunity to network and share inspirations with your industry peers in a meaningful and rewarding way.

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Attendees from all sides of the industry are welcome – developers, publishers, indie studios, service providers, students, freelancers. We want to hear from you!

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Over the years we have created a strong community of video game globalizers invested in advancing the industry. Connections made during our events last years to come.

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