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3003, 2020

Neural Machine Translation for Video Game Localization 

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This week we feature an article written by Cristina Anselmi, Machine Translation Specialist at EA and returning presenter at Game Global 2020, and Inés Rubio, a localization veteran with 15 years of gaming industry experience.  The original version of this article appeared in the March/April, 2020 edition of Multilingual.  Machine translation (MT) has been a hot topic for a while, especially since the rise of neural machine translation (NMT). The output quality spike is [...]

2403, 2020

7 Stops on the Road of Video Games Localization

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Miguel Sepúlveda, one of the members of our Advisory Board, shares his thoughts on videogame localization after a fun trip to the Game On exhibition in Madrid last year. This past Christmas, I had the pleasure to visit the Game On exhibition in Madrid. This exhibition was both a [...]

3010, 2019

To Localize, or to Localise, that is the Question…!

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Not all that long ago localization was considered effectively covered through FIGS, i.e. reaching target markets by translating and adapting an original English version into French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Pretty soon it became obvious that the world is a much bigger place, and that people are far more [...]

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