Game Global (GG), born from the expansion of LocWorld’s successful Game Localization Round Table, is currently building the program for its next virtual summit.

Game Global events are open to game developers, publishers, service providers and any other stakeholders related to the gaming industry. Our main purpose is to provide a safe and open space to localizers, designers, producers, testers, or anyone else in the gaming industry to share their endeavors, successes, practices, and research in a collaborative manner, with the goal of improving the industry through networking, sharing insights and learning.

An advisory board of professionals from the industry will help us pick the topics and select the best presentations, ensuring relevance. GG does not sell speaking slots. Any proposal received with a selling goal will be rejected. We want to provide a safe place where you get to share, learn and network.

We believe that you, as a presenter, should be able to engage in a continuous conversation with the rest of the attendees. Sessions where only the presenter is allowed to speak do not belong in our program. During our in-person events, we learned that networking is the most important value we can offer you at Game Global and we want to continue to do so in our virtual events.

Do you have a topic innovative enough to engage and challenge our attendees on a discussion during and after the presentation? Have you managed to solve an issue, to implement an innovative strategy or to come up with a brilliant idea to make better games? If the answer to any of the above is a yes, you might become one of our presenters! You can submit a proposal for a 20-minute presentation or a 45-minute panel with more speakers on stage.

NEW! Do you have a technical or a very specific topic to share with a smaller audience in an interactive setting? Submit your proposal for a workshop!

Here are some examples of the hottest topics we are looking for:

  • Localization and QA tools: connecting development to localization.
  • QA data: case studies on how to use data to measure quality; how to use data to drive testing; how to use data gathered from consumers; how to use data to scale. 
  • Managing QA and LQA as an internal department or with external vendors.
  • Automation and AI in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Analyzing localization quality: how to measure/evaluate quality in a more structured way. 
  • Audio recordings and subtitling.
  • Strategy: managing localization content for different markets.
  • Strategy: localization and ROI.
  • Localization and narrative design, UX design, game writing.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility in the gaming industry.
  • Vendor management and procurement: how to manage suppliers, contracts, track rates, supplier models, both on the publisher/buyer side and on the vendor side.
  • Localization for indie developers: expert localizers share their best practices with newcomers to the industry.
  • The future of video game localization: sharing ideas and collaborating with universities and graduates.

Presentation Pointers

  • Choose a catchy title that reflects the synopsis content.
  • Provide a detailed, clear synopsis.
  • Submit fresh material that has not been recently presented at other events.
  • Only use the latest buzzwords if you are very specific.
  • Avoid using your name or your company name in the title.
  • If you propose a case study, we are looking for one with a balanced perspective, ideas that can be implemented and deals with solving a business problem or challenge
  • Avoid a sales pitch. Our program committee will reject it!
  • If you are a vendor, include a client to co-present with you.

For this conference, we are interested in both live and recorded presentations. Live presentations will also be recorded and streamed to our audience for a limited time after the event. Sessions will be held live and recorded. It is possible to prerecord a session and stream it on the day of the event. We may sell access to the recordings after the live event is over; if we do, your presentation will be included in that access. If you would rather not record your presentation but you would still like to present, please contact Game Global reserves the right to use your name in marketing of the conference.

Advisory Board: Michaela Bartelt, Miguel Bernal-Merino, Chris Bewick, Gaëlle Caballero, Nadine Martin, Fabio Minazzi, Sebastien Ohsan-Berthelsen, Miguel Sepulveda, Nate Stoddard, Vanessa Wood.

Review of proposals:

All papers submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by the GG advisory board. Papers will be selected according to relevance and content.

Please submit your presentation proposal below.

Please submit your main conference presentation proposal by clicking the button below to access the submission form (opens in a new window).

Please complete the form and press the “submit” button. You will then see a confirmation when you scroll down. If you have any difficulties with the form, please contact our Conference Manager Francesca Sorrentino to submit your proposal.


  • Proposal submission deadline: May 31, 2021
  • Notification of accepted proposals: July 15, 2021
  • Rough draft of presentation due: August 15, 2021
  • Final presentation due: September 15, 2021
  • Game Global Digital Summit: October 5-6, 2021