FEBRUARY 2, 2021

6 pm CET



Streamlining localization and QA processes


Localization processes in the gaming industry are relatively new and unmapped compared to other industries. We can say that our industry focuses on content and delivery rather than on processes. As video game localization professionals, both on the developer/publisher and on the service provider sides, we often find ourselves working without a clear structure: translation management and content management systems are often disconnected, version control continues to be a headache and loads of project management tasks that could be automated are still performed manually. Yet every time, thanks to the awesome people that work in our industry, we manage to pull it off and ship the game on time, so the discussion about processes is always postponed.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how can it help us integrate and streamline processes? During this webinar, we also want to help our attendees understand the capabilities of AI, in and outside the localization industry, and shed some light on the myths and misconceptions around it.

We define process integration as the optimization of the flow of assets and information, obtained through the definition of inputs and outputs of each process and the creation of procedures and systems capable of implementing a seamless flow that involves all the required stakeholders.

In this webinar we will:

  1. Introduce AI, explain its capabilities and debunk misconceptions
  2. Discuss how to knit the different parts of the localization and quality assurance (QA) process together
  3. Discuss how to better connect localization and QA with the development process
  4. Analyze challenges and best practices
  5. Discuss how the correct use of automation can lead to savings especially in terms of management and organization



  1. 18:00 to 19:00: Introduction to AI with Cristian Conteduca, Yokozuna Data
  2. 19:00 to 20:00: Round table discussion on automation and process streamlining in the video game localization and QA industry
  3. 20:00 to 20:30: Networking

The first speakers have been confirmed. Stay tuned for more news and updates!


Game Global Focus on AI and Automation
Game Global Focus on AI and Automation

Carlos Garcia-Shelton

Product Manager

Game Global Focus on AI and Automation
Game Global Focus on AI and Automation

Tobias Scherf

Solution Architect

Game Global Focus on AI and Automation
Game Global Focus on AI and Automation

Andrew Vestal

Senior Localization Program Manager
Amazon Game Studios


Includes access to the app for the round table discussion and networking.

Game Global Focus on AI and Automation


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