Remo is a live, virtual event and networking space that allows you to interact with small and large groups of people. It is fun and easy to use! Check out the instructions below for more details.

Before the event starts:

  1. IMPORTANT: Check your desktop or mobile device compatibility. We recommend you use a desktop or laptop with Chrome browser, a webcam, and a microphone to take the most out of the networking activity.
  2. Login to our REMO event page with the same email you registered for the event. A link will be emailed a few days prior to the event.
  3. Accept permissions to access your camera and microphone, otherwise you will not be able to interact during the networking time.
  4. Create your profile.
  5. For technical support, contact María ( or check REMO’s troubleshooting website.

Here is how the virtual space will look like once you are connected!

Remo floor description

When the event starts:

  1. Join the event: the networking room and tables will be waiting for you!
  2. Make sure your webcam and microphone are switched on during the networking periods. This will enhance your communication with your table colleagues.
  3. You will be randomly assigned to a group table when you join the webinar. You are free to switch to a different one or to use the one-to-one tables for private discussions. Double click on any table you wish to join; the only requirement is for a seat to be available!
  4. Once the webinar starts, you will not be able to switch tables. You will automatically see the stage on your screen. The chat will be still available, so you can keep the conversation with your table buddies, join the general chat or ask questions to the panelists.
  5. Enjoy the webinar and the networking as much as you can! The more you participate, the more you will get out of the REMO experience.

Where to find the chat and Q&A menus while the presentation is on

Where did the Chat button go when the presentation mode started? An additional menu should pop-up on the left of the screen, right next to the virtual stage. There, you can access any available chat: private conversations, group table chats, the general chat and the Q&A section!

You can hide the menu if you want to follow the conversation on the stage without interruptions or keep it open for any networking opportunity that could come your way.

Remo webinar hidden chat menu

Remo webinar mode chat menu showing

Check the videos below if you need more assistance creating your REMO profile or if you have any connection issues:

  1. How to check your device compatibility on Remo virtual events! (2020)
  2. How to create a profile on your virtual event platform Remo (2020)