Localizing Games Effectively for Latin America

By |2021-01-22T16:44:02+02:00January 19th, 2021|

Latin America is an emerging market for the gaming industry. It is composed of many different countries, with different cultures and flavors of the language so localizing effectively can be a challenge. In this panel session, we will explore some things to consider when localizing video games for this market including special considerations for the Brazilian-Portuguese and Spanish-speaking audiences in the region. Panelists specialized in mobile, console and PC gaming will share some of the [...]

Ask the experts

By |2020-12-20T23:14:33+02:00December 20th, 2020|

Is there anything you have always wanted to know about video game localization and quality assurance but never dared to ask? This is your chance! Ask us anything: the most relevant questions will be answered by our organizers, advisory board, speakers or moderators in a live session. Be bold! We’ve got experts in processes, project management, team management, strategy, monetization, audio recordings, data analysis, you name it! Submit your questions here by January 31, 2021. [...]

Punch, kick, block – a look at testing fighting games

By |2020-12-20T22:53:21+02:00December 20th, 2020|

Fighting games may seem easy to understand at first glance but they consist of many layers of complexity. Anyone can test animation or if online ranks are calculated correctly, but testing hurtboxes, hitboxes and frame data, or performing finger-breaking combos requires a lot of experience and skill. It is critical to have a great understanding of the genre and its specific mechanics. Let's talk about how to approach testing fighting games.   Takeaways Attendees will [...]

Five Reasons Why Independent Developers Should Consider FQA Earlier in Their Project Schedule

By |2021-01-13T17:40:54+02:00December 20th, 2020|

In a world lacking time and manpower but with ever-growing to-do lists, compromises have to be made. At the earliest phases of game development, quality assurance is the pillar that usually gets partially cut first. If you've just started developing your game and you're struggling to know if you're advanced enough to perform functionality quality assurance (FQA) testing, this is the place for you. Stay and listen about the pros of FQA in the earliest [...]

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