AI is Transforming Game Testing

|AI is Transforming Game Testing
AI is Transforming Game Testing | L9 |
     Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 12:00pm – 12:45pm
     Room: Valley

Gordon Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Go Testify

AI is changing the the worlds of finance, marketing and media at an astonishing pace, however, within games, it’s transforming how we build & test. This talk will include visionary and real world examples of how AI can enhance User Experience in video games.

  • What’s the future hold when AI bots and online human players become indistinguishable?
  • How do we craft an ‘experience’ in a game that has an ever learning and adaptive narrative for each player?
  • How can we will build, bigger, better more engaging experiences harnessing the power of AI?

This session will ignite your neurons; inspire, excite and empower you with a very real view of the future impact of AI.

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