Making Temtem Gender-inclusive Across Languages | OD2 |
12:00am – 12:00am • Thursday, January 1, 1970
Making Temtem Gender-inclusive Across LanguagesMaking Temtem Gender-inclusive Across Languages
Diana Díaz Montón
Native Prime

Gender-neutral language is quickly gaining ground and the video game industry must catch up with an audience craving representation. Women players want to feel represented, and they want to be referred to with their feminine pronouns. Furthermore, nonbinary people must be included. Temtem is a pioneer in terms of using gender-inclusive language. In this session, we will review how nonbinary language has been used in Temtem to include a masculine, feminine and nonbinary form in all dialogue addressed to players, depending on the pronouns of their choice. Temtem uses nonbinary language in French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese, but when they first started working on the localization, all existing French and German translations had not used nonbinary language, so they had to review which strategy was best and implement it in the entire game. This led to a design change in the game, so for players to benefit from this update, they could choose their pronouns again.

Attendees will understand both the relevance and importance of using inclusive language;  learn how gender-neutral language is expressed and perceived in different languages; and understand the challenges of inclusive language in localization.