António SaraivaAntónio Saraiva

António Saraiva

Managing Partner

António Saraiva is founder and managing partner at Gojira, a media production company that develops video games, apps and conversational characters (intelligent avatars). He taught game design and video game related subjects at Universidade Lusófona, IPA and Restart (Lisbon). Before Gojira, he was producer and game designer at Biodroid Productions and also IP Hunter and licensing manager for Biodroid Entertainment. António has worked in a multitude of media formats ranging from press to television to multimedia off and online. Starting out as a television producer and director in the late 80’s, he founded his own company, Latina-Europa, and authored many children’s, pop music and youth culture TV series. In Portugal he was a pioneer in writing on the internet’s social and creative issues, namely in Blitz, to which he still contributes.