Belén Agulló García

eLearning Director and Lead Media Researcher

Belén Agulló García is a compulsive lifelong learner. She holds a BA in translation and interpreting studies, an MA in audiovisual translation and a PhD in translation and intercultural studies. But her experience in the localization industry goes beyond the theory. Belén has worked in the game localization industry for more than five years in different positions such as project manager, training specialist, marketing strategist and copywriter, translation manager, and quality and innovation director. She combined her years in this industry with her true calling — training others. Belén has been teaching game localization and subtitling technologies in several MA programs and workshops in Spain, UK and France for more than five years. As a continuous learner and a passionate trainer, she now leads Nimdzi’s eLearning program with a design thinking approach aimed at providing the best learning experience to Nimdzi partners. As an academic with hands-on experience in the media industry, Belén thoroughly leads research for the media localization landscape. Apart from all the studying and work, she loves binge-watching a good show with good company and cares about the environment and animal welfare.