Hayato Wada WongHayato Wada Wong

Hayato Wada Wong

Cofounder & Localization Manager at Day Zero
Streamline Media Group

Hayato Wada Wong is a ten-year video game and localization industry veteran, trilingual in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Having shipped titles and work experience in AAA game titles with Sega, as well as working in the outsourcing/gaming-as-a-service industry at Pole to Win and Streamline Studios, Hayato is versed in game production, quality assurance (QA) and localization. Currently, he is a localization manager and cofounder for Day Zero by Streamline at Streamline Media Group, a business division involved in rejuvenating the post development process of localization, culturalization marketing, QA, and compliance testing into something fit for the modern times. Hayato hopes to make game development as enjoyable as playing games.

LinkedIn: hayato-wada-wong-b909537