Mariana Dadalto SchettinoMariana Dadalto Schettino

Mariana Dadalto Schettino

Gender Inclusive Language Specialist
Game Global

Mariana Dadalto Schettino is a video game localization professional with a passion for gender inclusive language practices and is a project management enthusiast. As a localization tester at Electronic Arts (EA), she has worked to build in quality on more than 15 different titles, from AAA to mobile games. Mariana is the founder of the Gender Inclusive Taskforce for Localization at EA. As the lead stakeholder for this initiative, she creates guidelines for inclusive language for 20 different territories and improves processes regarding gender matters in the department. In addition to researching and implementing guides for a non-binary approach, Mariana works on shipping the first product from EA localization with applied non-binary language. She is currently transitioning to quality assurance testing while continuing  as a researcher and adviser for diversity and inclusion practices with an inclusive language approach for localization.