Miguel Sepulveda

Global Localization Manager

I started my journey in this exciting localization world in 1995. I worked as a QA specialist for Microsoft for a few projects such as Microsoft Project, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. For the first part of my career, I worked at the vendor side, mainly working for Lionbridge as Localization QA Manager for different clients.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to enter the gaming industry thanks to Electronic Arts where I was responsible for setting up the technical team to provide Automated Localization QA services to games such as FIFA, Harry Potter or Need for Speed among others.

This second part of my career I’ve been at the buyer side and this gave me the opportunity to complete my vision of how localization industry works from both sides, as a client buying language services, and as a language service provider.

 In 2014 I joined the King sweet Candy Crush world where my role is to lead the globalization efforts of a very talented team in a very talented company!

When I’m not busy working you might find me playing sports with my lovely 2 kids or riding my bike. Or ….  thinking/writing articles in my blog www.yolocalizo.com where I like to express my thoughts about this vibrant localisation community.