Tülay Tetiker McNallyTülay Tetiker McNally

Tülay Tetiker McNally

Director, Inclusive Design & Product Development
Electronic Arts

Tülay Tetiker McNally is director, inclusive design and product development at Electronic Arts, and is responsible for establishing EA Studio’s global approach to creating inclusive products and features that put players first, partnering with EA development teams worldwide. Beginning her career in the video games industry more than 15 years ago at SEGA and Square Enix, she later joined Electronic Arts to head up central development operations at BioWare Edmonton. More recently Tülay was a senior development director at DICE Stockholm. Tülay is originally from Turkey and was raised in Munich, Germany. She has had the opportunity to live and work in countries across Europe and North America. An experienced public speaker and mentor of students and young professionals, she connects with gamers to listen to what makes them feel excluded or marginalized. For the future Tülay wants players to engage with games in safe, fun, and positive ways regardless of who they are or where they are from, to bring inclusive design and thinking to the core of game design. Tülay holds an MA in American studies, with specializations in the history of immigration and civil rights movement, and a BA in psychology from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. In 2020 she was selected as an inaugural member of TGA’s Future Class.