Hear, Hear! Audio and Its Localization!

|Hear, Hear! Audio and Its Localization!

Hear, Hear! Audio and Its Localization! | S2 |
Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 10:30am – 11:45am
Held in: Sound
Andrea Ballista - Keywords Studios 
Mario Bergantiños - Electronic Arts 
Leilani Ramirez - Sony Interactive Entertainment
Moderator: Miguel Bernal-Merino

Audio is the emotional heart of any video game. The best storytelling and graphics can diminish and even destroy players’ enjoyment of this multimedia interactive product. From voice-acting to music, sound effects and engineering, the quality of original audio and the localized versions can affect the global bottom line like few other parts of the game. Today’s global market demands Hollywood-type audio depth with dynamic immersive characteristics and it is not enough to make the audio magic happen for the original only. Producing quality localized versions for a wider world requires a level of planning, talent and management that it is impossible to overestimate.

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