LQA Round Table: How Can We QA Our LQA? | C5 |
     Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 3:30pm – 5:00pm
     Room: Cove

Sebastian Maeser
LQA Project Manager
Keywords Studios
Bazz O'Reilly
LQA Service Delivery Manager
Keywords Studios

This will be an open discussion about some ways in which we are trying to improve the efficiency of our QA process in a people-centric environment. We would like to open up the floor to discuss ways to improve LQA and how we are trying to decrease mistakes getting through by using tools, utilizing staff on down-time to assist, and creating and using tools to help automate some of the initial hard work to increase the speed and efficiency of certain tasks during testing. At Keywords, for example, we use staff on down-time from an ad-hoc testing team to run trophy/achievement tests on other ongoing projects as an extra set of eyes. These are also gaining expertise on these tests by regularly finding similar issues across different titles. We have also created a tool in excel, and are currently in the process of using CMS tool to integrate changes, create change logs and highlight potential inconsistencies in text files (such as translated variables, misspellings, or missing punctuation) and hope to rely less on knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications to setup and carry out these steps.