Journey to the West: Yo-Kai Watch 3; a Case Study | P7 |
10:00am – 10:45am • Wednesday, June 19, 2019     Room: Liberdade 1

Loreto Sanz Fueyo
Senior Director of Localization

Picture it your mind: a Japanese franchise, deeply connected to Japanese culture, equally well-loved in the East and the West, takes its main character on a journey to America. This is a journey of discovery that explores language and cultural barriers. Our task was to replicate that journey in such a way that players in the West were faced with the same cultural and linguistic barriers as the original players in Japan. What followed was a close collaboration between our localization team and the publisher to find the perfect strategy. Our amazingly creative linguists developed a whole new world so this character’s journey could be as successful in the West as it was in the East. In this case study we will review the issues we had to overcome and the imaginative solutions deployed to achieve them, and how these solutions were received by the players in the West. In addition to elements specific to the case study we will provide other little nuggets of wisdom based on our experience localizing games from Japanese and Korean.