Localization Round Table: How to Avoid MT Implementation Suffering | P10 |
     Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 1:45pm – 3:15pm
     Room: Pacific

Andrea Tabacchi
Solution Architect Lead

Despite the skepticism of machine translation (MT) being a good fit for localization gaming content, we are beginning to see otherwise. A greater understanding of how and when to leverage MT properly reveals that there is much to be gained from the technology.  Our aim of this presentation is to provide a series of tools to build an MT strategy and implementation plan without damaging content, company or sanity. In this presentation we will provide tips and tricks regarding content and people; what works well and what doesn’t, what makes a suitable translator profile for post-editing, and the skills required for both vendor and localization teams. We will cover a few tools and features that can help, without going into detail about the MT technology itself, instead focusing on integration and quality estimation before and after editing. There will also be discussion regarding the risks required to succeed.