Localization Round Table: Localization Sentiment Analysis - Best Practices and Challenges | P11 |
     Wednesday, October 17, 2018, 3:30pm – 4:45pm
     Room: Pacific

Demid Tishin
All Correct Group

How do you measure players’ perspective on localization quality? How do top PC games and publishers compare in terms of localization sentiment? Which genres are most sensitive to localization quality? What is the gold standard of localization quality in terms of player sentiment? What are the methodological challenges of localization sentiment analysis? To try and answer these questions, we parsed more than 1 million Steam reviews by Russian players, extracted and manually categorized the ones that mention localization, calculated localization sentiment scores and tested a number of hypotheses. Before we could dig to the bottom, we had to deal with many technical and methodological challenges and we’d like to share our findings. The research complements our surveys of Russian and Chinese players completed in 2015-2016 and presents a different perspective, as this time we observed existing real-life behavior instead of surveying respondents. After presenting our research, we’ll open a discussion to answer the following questions. How do you assess players’ localization sentiment? How do you automate the analysis? How do you filter invalid feedback? What are your benchmarks? How do you act upon critical localization complaints?