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Gaëlle Caballero is a global localization quality assurance (LQA) manager with seven years of experience in video game QA and localization. A former lawyer, she started her career as a French LQA tester in London and developed her localization skill set working on multiple titles and platforms as a technician, lead and project manager. Gaëlle successfully developed and delivered Testronic’s Warsaw-based LQA department and is responsible for its continued success. She is recognized for her extensive experience in team management, development and swift delivery. A great motivator and team builder, she creates confidence and excitement across multiple Testronic global LQA facilities. An advocate for women in games, Gaëlle is involved in Testronic’s initiative aiming to mentor and promote the role of Women in the Games industry. She is always up for a challenge, especially if that challenge is at a game of Killer Instinct.

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