Understanding UX and UX writing for video games


User experience (UX) is the way players interact with a product and is key for video games. UX encompasses all the steps of the player’s interaction with the game — from the first time they hear about it, to navigating the menus and progressing through the levels. Understanding the experience of the player moment-to-moment through your core game loop provides you a perspective with which to refine your game in more sophisticated ways.

At Game Global, we are always interested in expanding our attendees’ knowledge beyond localization, so we have created a webinar in which we will look closely at two of the main aspects of user experience: the cognitive science behind UX and UX writing.

If you want to keep your players engaged, it is important to understand how their brain works! 

During the first part of this webinar, Celia Hodent, PhD in psychology and expert in the application of user experience to video games, will introduce the cognitive science behind UX and explain how the brain works and learns, and what it means for product development.

UX writing revolves around creating helpful and understandable copy that guides the user throughout the game experience so that players experience as little friction as possible.

Patricia Gómez Jurado, associate director of content design, will provide an introduction to the UX writing discipline and how it fits in the game development process at King.

Join us for a 2.5 hour webinar on Remo, during which you will have the chance to ask questions directly to the speakers and interact with the rest of the audience during the networking time.


  1. 18:00 to 19:00: Cognitive science and UX in game development, Celia Hodent
  2. 19:00 to 20:00: UX writing for mobile games, Patricia Gómez Jurado
  3. 20:00 to 20:30: Networking at Remo tables

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Game Global Focus on UX
Game Global Focus on UX

Patricia Gómez Jurado

Associate Director of Content Design

Game Global Focus on UX
Game Global Focus on UX

Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant
Celia Hodent


Includes access to the app for the round table discussion and networking.

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